Suspense - Ties That Bind

Suspense - Ties That Bind


To what lengths will people go to protect their children? Spite their siblings? Murder the missus? Find out in twenty one digitally remastered and restored episodes, spanning two decades of radio's outstanding theater of thrills. These sensational stories star Jack Webb, Mickey Rooney, Edward G. Robinson, Keenan Wynn, Van Johnson, John Dehner, Howard Duff, and more as members of fascinating families -- with a rope around every neck and a knife in every back! We always hurt the ones we love. EPISODES INCLUDE: The Cross-Eyed Bear 09-16-43; I Had An Alibi 01-04-45; John Barbie and Son 02-22-45; The Taming of the Beast 03-29-45; The Plan 05-16-46; Blue Eyes 08-29-46; The Man Who Thought He Was Edward G. Robinson 10-17-46; The Will To Power 01-09-47; Overture in Two Keys 01-16-47; Phobia 06-26-47; Murder By An Expert 07-24-47; The Lovebirds 03-03-49; The Lie 04-28-49; The Night Reveals 05-26-49; Melody In Dreams 12-29-52; Telling 07-20-54; Destruction 07-27-54; Variations on a Theme 02-07-56; The Companion 11-15-59; Death of an Old Flame 10-29-61; And So To Sleep My Love 12-10-61.

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Jul 28, 2015





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