The  Drowned Boy

The Drowned Boy


A new addition to the captivating Inspector Sejer series, the first since The Caller, from Norway&;s finest crime writerCarmen and Nicolai failed to resuscitate their son, Tommy, after finding him floating in their backyard pond. When Inspector Skarre arrives on the scene, Carmen reports that Tommy, a healthy toddler with Down syndrome, wandered into the garden while Nicolai was working in the basement and she was cleaning the house. Skarre senses something is off with Carmen&;s story and consults his trusted colleague, the famed Inspector Sejer. An autopsy reveals Tommy&;s lungs to be full of soap.When Sejer and Skarre revisit the couple, Carmen, an epileptic, changes her story, confessing that she&;d been knocked unconscious by a seizure while bathing Tommy. When she came to, she found him drowned in the tub and, horrified and frightened, threw him into the pond.But Skarre and Sejer&;s doubt is not appeased and the case is reopened. What more could Carmen be hiding? And what lengths will she take to cover her guilt? As Carmen&;s own family starts to doubt her, Skarre and Sejer work to find the truth.  

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Houghton Mifflin


Aug 25, 2015





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General Adult