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The  Shadow - Silent Avenger

The Shadow - Silent Avenger

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A grim laugh in the night, a relentless avenger against the forces of evil. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? You know the answer.An invisible crime fighter was an idea tailor-made for an audio-only medium, where the listener's imagination formed the characters…and everything else. Here are Lamont Cranston's three most memorable voices in tales of dark deeds and darker punishments -- Orson Welles, William Johnstone and Bret Morrison are The Shadow! Agnes Moorhead, Marjorie Anderson, Lesley Woods, and Grace Matthews co-star as the elegant Margo Lane.Episodes Include: The League of Terror 1-09-38 The Plot Murder 02-27-38 The Silent Avenger 03-13-38The Fire Bug 04-10-38Night Without End 10-16-38Shyster Payoff 11-06-38The Oracle of Death 10-20-40The House of Horror 11-17-40The Chess Club Murders 02-23-41The Unburied Dead 04-14-46The Cat and the Killer 01-12-47Death Rides High 05-18-47Séance With Death 05-25-47The Phantom of the Lighthouse 09-07-47Death Takes the Wheel 09-28-47Death and the Black Fedora 01-18-48The Beast of Darrow 03-07-48Revenge Is Murder 09-19-48

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8 hours 34 minutes


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Jul 13, 2016





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