The  Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee

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A selection from Alex Kotlowitz&;s masterpiece of immersive reportage There Are No Children Here, the harrowing coming-of-age story of two children in Chicago&;s Henry Horner Public Housing Complex. In &;The Spelling Bee,&; as Pharoah returns to school, his dreams come up against the realities of his neighborhood.  Pharoah is small of stature, has a stutter, and frequently reads at night until his eyes hurt. He has his mother&;s open and generous smile, and his father&;s charm and keen intellect. As he enters fourth grade, he sets a solemn goal for himself: to become a spelling bee champion. Award-winning journalist Alex Kotlowitz follows Pharoah for two years, as he tries desperately to succeed at school while navigating the perils of his devastated neighborhood, a place marked by deep need and neglect, along with unrelenting violence. For Pharoah, spelling is just the beginning. This is a dramatic and groundbreaking portrait of poverty, the story of growing up in the other America.An eBook short.

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Random House Digital


Sep 09, 2014





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