Babel No More

Babel No More


A &;fascinating&; (The Economist) dive into the world of linguistics that is &;part travelogue, part science lesson, part intellectual investigation&;an entertaining, informative survey of some of the most fascinating polyglots of our time&; (The New York Times Book Review).In Babel No More, Michael Erard, &;a monolingual with benefits,&; sets out on a quest to meet language superlearners and make sense of their mental powers. On the way he uncovers the secrets of historical figures like the nineteenth-century Italian cardinal Joseph Mezzofanti, who was said to speak seventy-two languages, as well as those of living language-superlearners such as Alexander Arguelles, a modern-day polyglot who knows dozens of languages and shows Erard the tricks of the trade to give him a dark glimpse into the life of obsessive language acquisition. With his ambitious examination of what language is, where it lives in the brain, and the cultural implications of polyglots&; pursuits, Erard explores the upper limits of our ability to learn and use languages and illuminates the intellectual potential in everyone. How do some people escape the curse of Babel&;and what might the gods have demanded of them in return?

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Simon & Schuster


Jan 10, 2012





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General Adult